Slimline Threaded Starter Set (5 sizes)

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Threaded Slimline Retainers

Threaded Slimline Retainers - Internal thread. Available in 29, 38, 54mm (no flange)

Also available in 76 and 98mm (has flange) Flange goes behind aft centering ring for a rock-solid mounting. On the 76 and 98mm versions, there is a flange that goes behind the aft centering ring for rock solid retention!

After inserting your motor, just thread on the Precision-Machined Ring

Tighten, and Go Fly!


The Best of Both Worlds...and then some.

Slimline is the new standard in motor retention. The name Slimline can be found at almost every launch site around the world. The classic Slimline uses the well-known snap-in ring to prevent the motor from falling out. It's an overwhelming success and will remain an important part of our line. But some flyers prefer a threaded-type motor retainer. To answer their call, Slimline Motor Retainers now come in a threaded version but with an important improvement...


This avoids the extra drag and added bulk of motor retainers with external rings. The Threaded Ring is on the inside! With the ring threading on the inside, the retainer keeps it's sleek, simple design, and it's low cost. It lives up to the name.......Slimline!!!

Note: 75mm & 98mm retainer come with a small flange that attaches to the inside of the aft centering ring.  This is used to relieve the ejection charge stress.  If minimum diameter is required this can be ground off.


How does it work?


The Threaded Slimline is comprised of three things:

  • A base (or retainer),

  • A threaded ring (or closure), and

  • An extraction tool (not completely necessary, but makes life simpler).

The base (retainer) glues to your motortube (you'll need about 1/2" of motortube sticking out). We recommend JB Weld. Then insert your motor and secure with the ring (or closure). That's it.


Works with Aerotech and Cesaroni Motors!
Once you get an extraction tool and a threaded ring (closure) in a given size, all you need for additional rockets are bases (retainers).


Threaded Slimlines are compatible with all existing snapring Slimline Adapters.


Soon to follow: Threaded Slimlines in larger diameters, tailcones, and adapters.


Technical note on Slimlines:


Slimlines are made to fit standard industry motors such as Aerotech and Pro38, Pro54...,etc. Once your Slimline is set up to retain these motors, they will retain all standard high power motors in that diameter.


However, this does not apply to Kosdon and Animal Works motors (AMW), which unfortunately have a different thrust ring arrangement.


The external thrust ring on Kosdon and AMW is wider than on all other motors in high power rocketry. The external thrust ring on these motors overhangs the motortube by a about 4 thousands of an inch and will need to be ground down slightly in order to make it fit. This is possible and has been done frequently by our customers.


The placement of the thrust rings on Kosdon and AMW motors is also nonstandard with all other motors. The distance between the aft end of the motor and the external thrust ring is longer than on all other motors in high power. So once the Slimline is set up for a Kosdon or AMW, it will not retain other motors.


Slimline Threaded Retainer Starter PackStarter Packs includes:

  • One base

  • Threaded ring

  • Tool

After that all you need for the rest of you rockets (in any motor size) is another base.


Remember, you don't need to purchase a threaded ring and extraction tool for every rocket you own of a given motor size. If you have four rockets with 38mm motor tubes, you need four 38mm bases, but only one or two rings and a single extraction tool.


No Slimline adapters will work with Kosdon or AMW motors.