About GLR

Hello Giant Leap Rocketry Fans!

Welcome to Giant Leap Rocketry! We are the largest general vendor in high power rocketry. We have a unique selection of rocket kits and parts.

In the rocket industry, Giant Leap is known for innovation, high quality, and great customer service. Only at Giant Leap will you find the unique rocketry kits with "Almost Ready to Fly", the Slimline retainers and tailcones, the Magna-frame composite tubing, and the TAC-1 and TAC-9 parachutes.

Bob here with a quick state of the company report

Company Report: Giant Leap Rocketry is here to stay, and we are growing.  We have negotiated with the manufacture of Slimline, Pinnacle and other Acme products to purchase their company and bring its management operations in house.

This is very good news for the hobby. Giant Leap Rocketry now owns the entire Acme manufacturing and product line. Giant Leap has purchased all of the rights, tools and inventory of Acme, giving us control of all of the Acme products from fabrication to distribution to sales. We have focused our efforts at streamlining the supply chain from manufacturing to the end user and that means we are now able to offer the entire Acme line at a discount – a thing we have never been able to do before.