School Orders

Giant Leap School Orders

Below are the options that are available for school ordering.

1. Request Giant Leap’s W-9

2. Start by going to our website and shop for the desired parts. Once complete, check out, take a screen shot of parts/totals.  If you need a more formal quote then send an email to and we will send you one.

3.Our School purchase order (PO) is ready. We are ready to submit the order.

If you have an official purchase order (PO), signed by an authorized administrator, listing parts, quantities and prices, submit it by

  • Email a PDF to
  • We will verify the PO with your ISD and then process order

4. My School District Needs more Information

  • Need us to register with your School district?
  • Have a question about ordering or about our products?
  • Email us at:
    • List your Question
    • School name
    • Contact information