Rocksim Data

T-Bolt 38

Vertical Assault 3.0

Firestorm 54

Liberty 2

Talon 2

Talon 4

Giant Leap Rocketry Rocksim Part Instructions Below:

RockSim Data Download

Click the following link to download a data file containing Giant Leap Rocketry parts for use in designing and simulating rockets in RockSim. After downloading the file, unzip it on your computer.

Click here to Download

In RockSim, click File, Import, Database Files.... Give the location where the file was unzipped and click OK to import the Giant Leap Components into RockSim.

After doing that, when you start RockSim it will automatically find the new files and add the parts to the database. At that point you'll be ready to use the parts in your RockSim designs!

If you have any questions regarding how to use RockSim, feel free to contact Tim Van Milligan at Apogee Components.


On a PC:

Import the Giant Leap Components into RockSim on a PC


On a MAC:

Import the Giant Leap Components into RockSim on a MAC