MagnaFrame Airframes

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What is MagnaFrame?

Magna-Frame is interlaced with layers of gray vulcanized fiber and phenolic.

A proprietary hardened coating inside and out seals out moisture.

A high temperature cured to create a high-strength composite structure.

Every Element has a Purpose...

Each part of this new composite airframe carries its weight:

Vulcanized fiber is very strong and is used in military applications.

CAUTION: There are different grades of vulcanized fiber -- be sure you buy gray.

Phenolic is resistant to moisture and avoids the warpage of pure vulcanized paper tubes.

CAUTION: We tested pure vulcanized fiber tubes (no phenolic stabilizer) -- they warped -- badly. A phenolic stabilizer is critical.

After all that work on your rocket, why take a chance on inferior tubing? Know what you're buying!

The proprietary coating further resists moisture to keep the airframe straight.

Baking hardens and cures the different elements into one composite structure.

Advantages of Magna-Frame shown next to phenolic for comparison:

  • Magna-Frame is S-T-R-O-N-G

  • Magna-Frame is light - - similar to phenolic

  • Magna-Frame is an inexpensive money-saving alternative to filament-wound fiberglass

  • Magna-Frame is safe

  • Magna-Frame absorbs CA adhesives and epoxies

  • Magna-Frame resists warpage

Like fiberglass airframes, it accepts CA adhesives and epoxies (be sure to scuff the hardened outer coating).

TECH TIP:  High Performance Airframe Without The Weight
Want to make the super-tough Magna-Frame even tougher? Laminate it with a layer of fiberglass cloth. Here's how: Dampen a rag or paper towel with lacquer thinner. Wipe it lengthwise over a 1" wide strip of the tube, just enough to wet the clear protective coat on the tube (caution: don't remove the protective coat entirely). This creates a convenient "sticky" strip to which you can adhere the front edge of your glass cloth.

After attaching the leading edge of the cloth, then wrap the rest of the cloth around the tube, go past your start point, then brush on our laminating resin onto all cloth areas and allow to cure. Finish with light sanding and a heavy filler primer.

Or.....get our Dyna-Wind airframe, which is an airframe that is compression-laminated in fiberglass around a Magna-Frame core.

THE LESSON: If you want an airframe with strength and performance, no need for ultra-heavy filament-wound airframes. Don't fly heavy, fly smart. Use Magna-Frame and go split the sky.

Try Magna-Frame!!**