High Power Rocketry Swivels

Giant Leap Swivel (3 sizes)

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Stops your chute lines from tangling!

TECH NOTE: Tangled shroud lines reduce the effectiveness of chutes. Rockets twist and turn during descent, even in the slightest wind, which makes the shroud lines tangle around each other. This causes the chute to narrow, reducing its drag, and increasing the overall rate of descent rate. The result is a hard landing which cracks fins and airframes, and can jam motors up into motor tubes. Your solution is a swivel. This allows the rocket to rotate during descent without twisting the shrouds lines together. Here’s another tip: when packing the chute for flight, most people hold the chute in one hand and wrap the lines around the chute with other hand. That’s incorrect and will cause the shrouds to twist together. Instead lay the chute on a flat surface and extend the shroud lines out. Then roll the chute onto the shroud lines.

Happy Landings!!