Aeropoxy Tech

Exclusive to GLR in the high power rocketry hobby, has it's roots in the "home-built" airplane culture for which it was originally developed.  It was utilized extensively by Burt Rutan in the construction of his Space Ship One series and current endeavors for the outstanding strength vs weight charateristics it provides.  By providing various curing rates, it is extremely good for vacuum bagging and with the slow cure rate of the adhesive, it has sufficient time to soak into the fibers of porus substraights for maximum retention.  When coupled with heated curing, the strength of the product is greatly increased.  Aeropoxy often competes against West System products, which are easier to use, but West Systems is made for boat building as it handles moisture and humidity better, where Aeropoxy is geared towards vacuum bagging to provide the greatest strength for the least amount of weight, a fact most important with aircraft.  GLR is the only supplier anywhere for the small pint size containers of adhesive and laminating resin