High Power Rocketry Pinnacle Nose Cone

Nose Cones (5 sizes)

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Nosecones molded in high-impact plastic!

TECH-TIP: Super-performance nose cones

Want a super-performance Pinnacle nosecone? The Smart alternative to fiberglass cones:

On the inside --- Fill the inside of your pinnacle nosecone with our two-part expandable foam. It fills the cavity and applies equal pressure to make the cone super rigid. We made the walls of the Pinnacle cone especially with this in mind.

On the outside -- To prep for exterior coating, wash the Pinnacle with warm soapy water, let dry, and then apply rubbing alcohol with dustless rag. After the alcohol is completely dry and evaporated, apply a plastic paint-prep spray available from your auto parts store. That's the stuff that is used to prep plastic car bumpers before the color coat. Finally, spray on a high heat paint -- like the Duplicolor ceramic-embedded primer that is good to 1200 F. Then add a high-heat Duplicolor paint of your choice.

THE LESSON: Why use a fiberglass nosecone for high performance? First, they are heavy. Why toss a brick in the air in the name of "high performance"? Second, they are potentially weak. Fiberglass cones have that seam down the middle that joins the two halves from the mold. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Third, they are VERY expensive.

Save your money. Fly smarter not heavier. Fly Pinnacle and go punch a hole in the sky.

Nosecone material: white HDPE
Paint Primer: XIM Plastic & VinylNT100 (works the best), Rust-Oleum Plastic Primer (works OK)