GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guide ™ (pair, 8 sizes)

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GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guide ™

GLR Acme brings rail guide design into the 21st century with its extensive line of Conformal Rail Guides™. GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guides™ are designed and precision extruded and feature an integral, rounded base that fits your airframe tube precisely. The close fit of the conformal base maximizes the shear strength inherent in adhesive bonds, and the 6061-T6 extruded aluminum construction guarantees structural integrity.  For 1010 launch rail.

Lower frontal drag than rail buttons!!

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Acme rail guides are very low priced. Acme rail guides do not require screws.

Lower frontal drag than rail buttons!

Rail launch systems are great and for medium to large high-power rockets and they beat the old launch rods, hands down.

The Problem: Frankly, it can be a pain to attach those little guides onto your rocket. Just screwing them into the airframe tube won't work. You usually have to contrive some backing plate or try to screw into a centering – and that can be a very thin target to hit!

Problem Solved! Now attaching launch lugs is a snap with GLR’s new Acme Conformal Rail Guides™. They simply epoxy onto the tube. That's it, just like the GLR Acme Conformal Launch Lugs™. Also, these Conformal Rail Guides ™ have less frontal area than standard buttons, and that means less drag for your rocket.

  • GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guides™ were designed specifically for GLR by NASA Engineer Mark Rowley!
  • GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guides™ are 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum; no flimsy urethane foam to wear out.
  • The base of GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guides™ has a conformal radius that matches exactly to the airframe tube. Other brands do NOT.
  • GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guides™ are very low cost.
  • GLR Acme Conformal Rail Guides™ do not require screws. Screws require backing inside the rocket, which can hang up cords and chutes or damage internal parts.
  • Compatible with Extreme rail, sold below.

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