T-Bolt 38 Fiberglass

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What do you call a rocket that's drop-dead gorgeous, super high performance, almost indestructible....and yet easy to build? We call it the T-Bolt. The T-Bolt is a minimum diameter 38mm rocket that rips the sky like a bullet ....and yet can be built in one evening. Flies to extremely high altitudes on Aerotech and CTI 38mm motors. For more moderate altitudes, the T-Bolt can be adapted down to 29mm with the optional 38/29mm Slimline Adapter.  High performance fincan is optional.


  • 33in fiberglass airframe
  • Acme Fin Canister, an incredibly strong fin unit, molded in a high compression mold using composite material. Saves you the time and mess of laying up fins, and allows incredible speeds and force loads.  High-Performance fincan is optional.
  • Slimline Retainer, bell shaped
  • Kevlar™ shock cord
  • Kevlar™ chute protector
  • Aluminum conformal rail guides
  • HardPoint mount system to secure the shock cord to airframe. Easy to use!
  • Awesome 38mm nosecone 5 to 1 exposed length, with sandable ribs, and secure connections
  • Rip stop chute: 30in main chute plus swivel
  • Online instruction manual
  • High Performance in just a few hours
  • Single deployment system for reliable Level 1 flights
  • Mach-busting is easy ….. Altitude records are just hours away
  • Built to withstand hard landings, so rapid, high altitude descents are possible


  • Length: 42.75”

  • Diameter: 1.65" O.D. (38mm I.D)

  • Dry Weight: 32 Oz.

  • Motor Mount: 38mm (29mm with optional Slimline motor adapter)

Recommended 29mm motors:

  • Aerotech: H128, H165, H238, HH220, H210, H250, I200, I268

  • Ceseroni Pro38: All 3 Grain 29mm motors and above.

38/29mm Adapter required (see options below)

Recommended 38mm motors:

  • Aerotech: H123, H148, H242, I161, I357, I300, I211, I285, I284, 1366, I435, J420, J350

  • Ceseroni Pro38: H153 I205, I285, J285, J330