Kevlar Sock per foot (2 sizes)

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Airframe Sock of Kevlar® - Small
(order 1.5 times the length of the tube for up to 4” in diameter, E.g., for a 3” diameter tube four feet long, allow six feet of sock.

Airframe Sock of Kevlar® - Large
(order 2.0 times the length for 6”. E.g., For a 6” tube that is 4 feet long, allow eight feet of sock).

A new stretchable Kevlar® sleeve made of 100% pure Aramid Kevlar® that slides onto your airframe.

Laminating your tube is rewarding. But while fiberglass is easy to work with, Kevlar® cloth is costly and tricky. NOT ANY MORE!

Now reinforcing your tube in Kevlar® is like putting on your socks. Just slide the Airframe Sock of Kevlar® on the tube. Because it’s stretchable - - like your socks - - it conforms to the tube and compresses down to hold in place (vacuum bagging optional but not necessary). And since there’s no seam overlap, there’s no bump to sand. Because Kevlar® can’t be finish sanded, you’ll still need to cover the Airframe Sock of Kevlar® in a thin layer of glass. We now have two different sizes of Airframe Sock of Kevlar®. The SMALL stretches over 54mm and 2.56" tubing, whereas the MEDIUM stretches from 3" to 3.9" tubing. It adds between 1/64” and 1/32” to wall thickness.