High Power Rocketry Kevlar Chute Protector

Kevlar Chute Protectors (4 sizes)

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930 Degree Chute Protectors of Kevlar®

Chute Pads of Kevlar® to protect your chutes!

All chute protectors are not the same! Our Kevlar® pads offer superior protection. The performance of chute protectors can vary, click here to read about the Chute Protector Comparison and Tests.

Kevlar® has a higher heat rating than Nomex® and is more resistant to tearing and blow-through.. Protect your rocket with Kevlar® Airframe size price.

TECH NOTE: To protect against hot ejection gases, rocketeers use a variety of methods. Some use cellulose. It's cheap, but it's not reliable - - gases can bleed through and burn recovery systems. It's also messy and very inconvenient - - you have to drag a bag of cellulose around. After all that money and time spent on your rocket, don't you want more protection than a handful of shredded paper? Some have also used fiberglass insulation. Never Do This!!! Fiberglass is non-biodegradable and it's fatal when ingested by cattle. Harming the property of landowners or their neighbors can deprive prefectures of their launch sites. It's bad for the hobby's image.

Instead, rocketeers have discovered Kevlar®, a flameproof material used by firefighters and others. chute pads of Kevlar® have a buttonhole (over 1” wide) to allow the shock cord to pass through, so it forms a permanent part of your recovery system. Just fold your chute normally, slide the pad up the shock cord and cradle it around the chute. Insert chute into rocket with the Kevlar® facing the ejection charge. That's it! The pads are inexpensive, and they last virtually forever. And they'll take a direct blast of ejection charge with no harm done. Compared to a piston, CHUTE PADS of Kevlar® are much lighter, less expensive, don't take up space, and are maintenance-free. They are our most popular product. The SLEEVE of Kevlar® is an install-and-forget item. It protects nylon shock cords from ejection gases. A burned or brittle nylon cord will eventually snap. Why are Giant Leap's products of Kevlar® great?

Ours are made with Kevlar®, which has a higher heat rating than Nomex®. Kevlar® prevents tearing and blow-through which can damage a chute.

Ours pads are rounded, not square. Square pads don't fold well in round tubes and increase the chances of blow-by.

Our pads have the button hole offset to the side. There are no holes or rings in the center, so you get maximum protection where you need it most.

Ours are inexpensive.

Giant Leap products of Kevlar®....The Perfect Solution.