High Power Rocketry Kevlar Shock Cord

Kevlar Shock Cord (5 sizes) per yard

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You know that little white elastic band that's used for a shock cord...? ...It belongs in your underpants.

OUR shock cords...? ...they belong in your rocket!!

TECH NOTE: Our suggestions may not fit your application. Never use “elastic” cords. Elastic cords store the energy of separation and release it by slamming the rocket parts back together, damaging your rocket. Also, elastic-type cords have low breaking strengths. Elastic is for underpants, not for high power rockets. Instead, use a generous amount of non-stretch cord and let air resistance absorb the energy of release. We recommend 15+ feet of cord for up to 4” diameter rockets, and 20+ feet for larger rockets.

1/2" Kevlar Cord
For 5.5" and larger rockets - Our Best!
6,000 LBS Test!

1/4" Kevlar Shock Cord
For 3" and 4" rockets
3,000 LBS Test!

1/8" Kevlar Tubular Shock Cord
For 1.5" to 3" rockets
800 LBS Test!

1/16" Kevlar Shock Cord
For Estes rockets
225  LBS Test!

1/32" Kevlar Thread
For sewing Kevlar cloth, shock cords, etc.
64 LBS Test!