Firestorm 54 Fiberglass

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The Firestorm 54 has been completely revised from the ground up. It is carefully engineered to make it high performance on the one hand, yet simple to build on the other. It incorporates some very advanced features.

The Firestorm 54 comes with a 54mm motor mount so that it can be flown on powerful J and K motors. Beware that using those motors will propel the Firestorm 54 to extremely high altitudes. With the optional Slimeline 54-38mm adapter, you can fly this rocket to more moderate altitudes on H and I motors.


  • Fiberglass airframe – 24in and 36in
  • Acme Fin Canister, an incredibly strong fin unit, molded in a high compression mold using composite material. Saves you the time and mess of laying up fins, and allows incredible speeds and force loads
  • Avionics Bay with mounting board! (dual version only)
  • Kevlar™ shock cord - presewn loops (2 recovery sets on Dual Deploy, and 1 with Single Deploy)
  • Kevlar™ chute protectors
  • Aluminum conformal rail guides
  • Slimline motor retainer
  • Hardpoint recovery mount system to secure the shock cord to airframe. Easy to use!
  • New 54mm nosecone 5 to 1 exposed length, with sandable ribs, and secure connections
  • Ripstop chute: 36” main chute and 18” drogue
  • Chute swivels
  • Quiklinks for easy connect and disconnect
  • Online 20 page instructions with step-by-step photos
  • Built to withstand hard landings, so rapid, high altitude descents are possible
  • Dual deployment version can be flown in single deployment configuration
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  • Length: Fiberglass tubing 74.5” (Dual Deployment)
  • Diameter: 2.15” I.D” (54mm) 2.27” O.D
  • Dry Wt: 74.5oz (Dual Deployment)
  • Motor mount: 54mm (38mm with optional SLIMLINE motor adapter) - (29mm mount requires both 54/38 adapter AND 38/29mm adapter).

Recommended 38mm motors:

  • Aerotech: H123, H148, H242, I161, I357, I300, I211, I285, I284, 1366, I435, J420, J350, J570

  • Ceseroni Pro38: H153 I205, I285, J285, J330

Recommended 54mm motors:

  • Aerotech: J90, J275, J315, J415, J135, J540, K550, K1100, K695

  • Ceseroni Pro54: J210, J295, K445, K570