Fireball (zipper insurance, 2 sizes)

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The Fireball helps prevent Zippers by cushioning airframes from the severe shock of ejection.

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The Fireball is neatly packaged with clear instructions

Diagram - How the Fireball works

Diagram - How the Fireball works

The Zipper Stopper!!

The Fireball helps prevent Zippers by cushioning airframes from the severe shock of ejection. It softens and spreads the destructive force of shock cords on the lip of your airframe.

100% Kevlar™ - so it's Fire-Resistant and

Zippers are linear airframe fractures caused by the impact of shock cords on the lip of your rocket airframe during deployment. They are among the most common forms of damage to high power rockets. Zippers are frustrating, time-consuming, and extremely costly. Many certifications attempts have been lost due to zipper damage.

The Fireball cushions your airframe against this destructive force.

The Fireball cushions the impact of the shock cord against the lip of your airframe

Like buying insurance for your rocket!


  • Spreads the load of deployment to help prevent zippers.

  • Made of Kevlar™ so it’s heat-resistant and incredibly strong.

  • Tubular Kevlar™ shock cord [Large: 1/2” 5500 lbs Test]. [Small: 1/4” 3000 lbs Test].

  • Nomex™ sewn loops in Kevlar™. Shock Cord are stronger than the cord itself.

  • Stainless steel clamps that won’t rust or tarnish.

  • High density foam - not a wimpy Nurf-ball that bottoms out & cracks airframes.

  • Super light weight - not a heavy tennis ball which shatters your airframe.

  • Saves weight - no need for beefy & heavy anti-zipper rocket construction.

  • Neatly packaged with clear instructions

  • Nomex™ sewn loop is stronger than the cord itself!