Groove-Lok 38mm

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The Groove-LOK is the latest in fin attachment technology. It epoxies over a 38mm motor tube and makes attaching fins much more efficient. Made of high-strength extruded aluminum, it holds the fins in perfect alignment. It's a fin alignment guide built into the rocket.

Let's face it, attaching perfectly aligned fins the old fashioned way is a bear. You have to aim and drip epoxy down into an impossibly small space while keeping the fins straight and aligned, making sure the epoxy and cloth are making contact, while keeping the epoxy drips out of the motortube. off the airframe and away from your shoes. Fun, huh?

The Groove-LOK adds incredible strength to your fincan area, with very little weight gain. It interlocks all fin canister components, and transfers loads. Much stronger than a standard layup.

  • Locks fins into preset channels

  • Build your fincan outside the airframe

  • Aligns fins perfectly

  • Simplifies construction

  • Interlocking load transfer

  • Stronger than standard layup

  • Strengthens fins