GLR Acme Fin Can™(use rail guide RX, 38mm and 54mm)

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GLR Acme Fin Can™

Injection molded high-strength composite fin canisters. Designed for GLR by NASA Engineer Mark Rowley

  • STRONG: These Fin Cans are Practically Indestructible!
    • A must for high altitude narrow diameter rockets
    • Allows the use of small, rapid descent parachutes to bring it home from extreme altitudes without the concern of fin damage on impact.
    • Just slide it on, epoxy it, and your almost ready to fly!
    • No more messy, time-consuming and frustrating fin lay-ups
  • Ideal for 54mm and 38mm Minimum Diameterrockets!!
  • Nike-style diamond Airfoilto reduce drag.
  • Can be adapted for use with 2.56" and 3.00" airframe!

Fincan Specifications (pdf)

GLR Acme High-Performance Fin Can™

Weight = 11.8 oz., that's about 15% lighter - and the weight loss is where you need it most - at the rear of the rocket!

TECH TIP: For low drag, fill the holes with lightweight filler or foam! That preserves the laminar flow but keeps the weight off.

TECH TIP: Use the RX GLR Rail Guide. This rail guide is taller which allows the offset to be correct for launch.

High-Performance Fincan™ also available with the 
Firestorm 54™ and the Vertical Assault