High Power Rocketry TAC-1 Parachute

TAC-1 Parachute (black/orange, 6 sizes)

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Tac-1 Parachute

The TAC-1, a stronger chute for less money.

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Toughest chute in high power!

Giant Leap has secured the exclusive rights to market this chute.

We've looked.....we can't find a higher quality chute than the TAC-1.

The TAC-1 -a stronger chute for less money.

The Toughest Drogue in high power!

TAC-1: gorgeous, high visibility color....black and orange.

  • Tear-resistant - All (and we mean all) seams are reinforced with nylon webbing.

  • Strong - 1/2" mil spec nylon (700 lbs test) all around the canopy.

  • Lightweight - 1.1 oz silicone-coated low-porosity ripstop nylon.

  • No Tangle Design - only four suspension lines! 1500# test swivel for tangle-free descents.

  • All the seams (every-last-one) is strength-reinforced with nylon webbing. It doesn't get any stronger.

  • Every seam, every fold, every line, is made with the high-end flyer in mind. Did we mention it's low price?

  • The TAC-1 has the strongest barrel swivel available #1500 test from the 24" chute to the 84".