High Power Rocketry Spherachute

SPHERACHUTE PLUS+ w/ swivel (orange/white, 5 sizes)

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The Giant Leap Hemispherical Chute PLUS

Kim Mitchell's rocket descending on a Giant Leap Hemispherical Chute PLUS

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Exclusive to Giant Leap Rocketry

Giant Leap Rocketry offers a great hemispherical chute -- WITH A SWIVEL ATTACHED!

Remember, if it's not in the carrying case, it's not a PLUS+

  • Ultra High Quality high drag design

  • A true hemispherical panel chute.

  • Tight, high density stitch, made to last!!!

  • 400 LBS -Test Shrouds!

  • Spill Hole to reduce sway and drift

  • Strong Ripstop Nylon

  • Sharp contrasting 2-color design

  • With 1,000 LBS Swivel already attached!

  • Each with its own carrying case (with the exception of the 18" and 24")

  • Tried and proven!

A top-of-the-line panel chute at a great price.