Phenolic Airframes (5 sizes)

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Microseam Phenolic
  • We'll CUT your tubes!

  • Compatible with PML And LOC nosecones.

Why Is Nonbrittle Phenolic better?
Nonbrittle phenolic Is strong, Like the old standard phenolic But non-brittle phenolic Is much less prone To crack Or shatter. Unlike paper tubes, it won't easily crimp Or buckle. Unlike plastics, will readily absorb CA 's and epoxies.

What is Microseam?

Microseam Phenolic, or "Microseam" for short, is a new type of airframe in which the spiral grooves are nearly eliminated. Tubes with Microseam have an entirely new outer layer that eliminates the tedium of filling grooves with putty.

How do I finish Microseam tubes? That's the great news. Because the grooves are nearly eliminated, two or three heavy coats of "Spot Putty Primer" are usually all that is required. This is an extra thick primer available from Wal-mart and most auto supply stores. Sand in-between coats and then paint as desired. more grooves to fill!!!!