Aeropoxy Structural Adhesive

Aeropoxy Structural Adhesive Kits ( 2 sizes)

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Aeropoxy: High Grade Epoxy Line

Aeropoxy: High Grade Epoxy Line

Designed and optimized for aerospace applications, Aeropoxy is a high-quality line of epoxy for your most demanding applications. Aeropoxy is the most popular epoxy used in high-power rocketry. 

When you want it done right, do it with Aeropoxy. It’s what we use, and it’s the best! Aeropoxy is the number one product for home-built aircraft, and we find it unsurpassed for high-power rocketry applications. Unlike the other systems you’ve tried or heard about, Aeropoxy withstands forces and stresses involved with high-power rocketry! According to tests by John Coker, Aeropoxy was five times stronger than typical hobby store epoxies and was also stronger than West Systems epoxies.

They produce Aeropoxy in three different viscosity types depending on the need of the end user, and we carry all three types of Aeropoxy:

Aeropoxy Structural Adhesive:

For structural adhesion such as bonding fins, centering rings and bulkheads, and wherever else you demand high strength. It’s the strongest epoxy we know of. So, if you want the best, this is it! It has no MDA, and so it is NOT a carcinogen (unlike other brands). It’s a straw-colored adhesive with a controlled-flow viscosity for good surface wetting, yet minimum run-out from the joint.

You can use it on its own, or you can add fillers like microspheres to create fillets.

  • Mix ratio is 1:1. Cure to handling is 4-6 hours.
  • Full cure at 77 deg F is 18-24 hours.
  • Tensile lap-shear (Alum-to-Alum) at 77 deg is 2700 psi.