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Elipse 3.0 Rocket Kit

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Rounded, Like Laminar Flow……

The curvaceous Elipse 3.0 is 3" diameter rocket that stands 78” tall. Its shapely design sets it apart from the straight lines seen in other rockets. Notice the rounded, elliptical fins - -something extremely rare (and very difficult to do) with G-10 fins. These four shapely fins then flow graciously into a new rounded (Ogive) tailcone retainer - - the latest in our aluminum Slimline tailcone motor retainers. At the other end of this rocket is the sleek and rounded Pinnacle nosecone to balance the lines of this gorgeous kit.

Subtle, masculine and sexy, the curvilinear shape of the Elipse 3.0 is inspired by the famous Jaguar XKE.

Ok, this is seriously cool…The new Groove-Lok fin attachment system makes attaching your fins much more efficient. Made of extruded aluminum, the Groove-Lok holds your fins in preset channels that are perfectly aligned. It’s like having a fin-alignment guide built into the rocket.

Let’s face it; laying up fins the old way is like juggling eggs on the roof of a moving bus. You have to aim and drip epoxy down into an impossibly small space while keeping the fins straight and aligned, making sure the epoxy and cloth are making contact, while keeping the epoxy drips out of the motortube, off the airframe and away from your shoes. Fun, huh?

Now there’s a more efficient way - - the Groove-Lok. You epoxy the fins into the preformed channels that are the exact width of the G-10 fins. We’re in love with this product and you’re going to see it in more of our kits. To learn more about Groove-Lok, click here,


  • Groove-Lok fin attachment system (What's that?)

  • Elliptical fin design in .093 G-10 fiberglass

  • Fireball zipper stopper (What's that?)

  • Hardpoint shock cord anchor (What's that?)

  • 3" Avionics Bay (What's that?)

  • Preslotted Airframe in Phenolic or Fiberglass

  • 36" booster section & 24" forward compartment

  • 3/16" centering rings, hardware, 18" motortube 38mm.

  • Pinnacle 5-to-1 Nosecone (What's that?)

  • New Ogive tailcone motor retainer (What's that?)

  • Aluminim railguides (What's that?)

  • Presewn Kevlar™ and nylon shock cords (What's that?)

  • Kevlar™ chute protectors (What's that?)

  • Illustrated 16 page instruction booklet (Download)

  • Large decal

  • Dual Deploy (can be flown as single, too)


  • Length: 78"

  • Diameter: 3.00" I.D

  • Dry Wt: (4.8 lbs Phenolic tube version. 6.5 lbs Fiberglass tube version)

  • Motor Mount: 38mm (29mm with optional 38/29mm SLIMLINE motor adapter).

  • Parachute Size: drogue - 18" main - 48" Single Piece

  • Recovery System:  Kevlar

Recommended 38mm motors:

  • Aerotech: H123, H148, H242, I161, I357, I300, I211, I285, I284, 1366, I435, J420, J350, J570

  • Pro38: H153 I205, I285, J285, J330

Recommended 29mm motors:

  • Aerotech: H238, H128, H165, H180, H220, H268, I200
    (Slimline 29/38mm adapter required)

Elipse 3.0 Rocket Kit Phenolic Tube Version

Price: $155.20

Out of Stock

Elipse 3.0 Rocket Kit Dyna-Wind Fiberglass Tubing Version *

Price: $224.95

Out of Stock

Elipse 3.0 Rocket Kit Filament-Wound Tube Version
(Glass airframes and avionics bay.)

Price: $300.00

Out of Stock

Optional Upgrade: Slimline 29/38mm Adapter

Price: $24.47

Out Of Stock

 * What is Dyna-Wind?

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