Slimline Classic Retainer

Classic Slimline Retainers

The Slimline motor retainer

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The Slimline motor retainer (circle ring style):

It works on a similar principle to the Aero Pack retainer, but features an easy-to-use circle ring that snaps into a groove on the inside of the base (or sleeve). The creates several advantages. It reduces the maching costs, thereby drastically lowering the price. The Slimline also has less aerodynamic drag compared to other retainers. Slimlines are designed and priced great for everyday rockets. For minimum diameter and boat tails, they are unmatched!

All Slimlines work with Aerotech and Cesaroni motors, and have a spacer ring to accommodate Kosdon, Ellis Mountain, and Hybrid motors too!

The matching Slimline adapters are now available. Like the retainers, these are black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum (6061-T6). The adapters nest inside existing Slimlines, and have their own retainers built-in. Finally, a fully integrated system.

How strong is the retaining ring in the Slimline?

At LDRS 2002 in Amarillo, a motor catoed (blowed up real good). As a result of the explosion, the motor casing was laid flat....torn absolutely wide open. But the Slimline on the rocket remained intact, and the retainer ring never let go. That's how strong a Slimline is!!

How to install and use the Slimline:

  • When assembling your rocket, be sure to leave 1/2" of motor tube sticking out the aft ring.

  • Glue on the Slimline with a strong heat resistant adhesive

  • Insert motor

  • Snap the retaining ring into the groove by hand. Presto, you're ready to Fly!!

  • You can remove the retaining ring by lifting one end out of the groove with a screw driver or pen knife. Then simply remove the ring by hand. It's that simple!

Slimlines are made to fit standard industry motors such as Aerotech and Pro38, Pro54...,etc. Once your Slimline is set up to retain these motors, they will retain all standard high power motors in that diameter.

However, this does not apply to Kosdon and Animal Works motors (AMW), which unfortunately have a different thrust ring arrangement.

  1. The external thrust ring on Kosdon and AMW is wider than on all other motors in high power rocketry. The external thrust ring on these motors overhangs the motortube by a about 4 thousands of an inch and will need to be ground down slightly in order to make it fit. This is possible and has been done frequently by our customers.

  2. The placement of the thrust rings on Kosdon and AMW motors is also nonstandard with all other motors. The distance between the aft end of the motor and the external thrust ring is longer than on all other motors in high power. So once the Slimline is set up for a Kosdon or AMW, it will not retain other motors.

No Slimline adapters will work with Kosdon or AMW motors.