G-10 Fiberglass Fins 0.125in Thick

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G-10 Fiberglass Fins

G-10 Fiberglass Fins #1 - #14

G-10 Fiberglass Fins #15

Using diagram 1 below, compare the dimensions of the "A" "B" and "C" linear measurements for picking your fins. The shaded area to the left of the fin in the diagram is the through-the-wall fin tab.

Specify fin tab width, or indicate airframe size and motor tube, and we'll determine the tab dimensions. When ordering online, use the comments area on the checkout page to specify fin tab information.

TECH NOTE:  G-10 can be cut using a jig saw with a fine-tooth metal blade. Sand edges smooth by hand or, better yet, with a bench disk sander or similar tool. Careful, G-10 is very dense material and can destroy cutting bits / blades. G-10 can cut you! Always wear hand and eye protection as well as a breathing respirator.

G-10 Fiberglass Fins Measurement Diagram

"A" "B" "C" Thick
6 9.6" 9.1" 6.6" .125"
12 8.5" 8.5" 4.0" .125"
13 11.5" 7.5" 5.8" .125"
14 11.5" 7.5" 4.3" .125"
15 13.8" 5.3" 2.8" .125"